No matter what your prescription, Gwynns Opticians have the right kind of lens for your specific needs. We stock many types of lenses - from tailor-made options, to great value ranges suitable for all budgets.

Our main lens supplier is Lenstec - a local company based in Bedwas who have established a reputation for high quality workmanship and professional services throughout the UK and Europe.

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Whether you wear glasses everyday, or just for specific activities, the friendly optometrists at Gwynns Opticians will be happy discuss your needs in more detail and show the various lens types suitable for you.

Some of the different types of lens that we provide include:

Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses have one focal range only, whether they are used for driving, working or reading. They are the basic lens you will need if you are short or long-sighted.

Unlike bifocals and varifocals, they only correct one type of eye sight problem. However, you could wear separate pairs of single vision glasses for different tasks.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses provide both distance and near vision in the one lens. Normally, the area for distance vision is at the top, with the area for reading at the bottom, with a visible line dividing the two segments.

They allow separate distance and reading prescriptions in one lens, rather than swapping between two different pairs.

Varifocal Lenses

Varifocal lenses combine multiple focus points in one lens, allowing you to see comfortably at all distances.

As they have no dividing line (unlike bifocal lenses), they look the same as single vision lenses. They are ideal for those who are new to glasses, because they are relatively easy to adapt to.